Cervi Covid Challenge

Free of charge open source files for 3D printing initiative to beat coronavirus. Just download, print, and save lives!

Support the manufacture of much needed life-saving medical equipment


The Goal

Fighting COVID-19 together

We have joined other 3d manufacturers around the world, making medical equipment to combat the coronavirus. We are asking for anyone who has a 3D printer to come and join us and help produce more 3D medical equipment for doctors, nurses, and other front line workers.

With more 3D printers, we will be able to produce more face masks and protect more people around the world. The open-source files for 3d printing are available for free download to anyone who needs them, saving lives immediately. Start now. We have no time to lose!​ 


Critical elements just-in-time

As a hardware company, we have decided to help the community to fight against coronavirus by utilizing our machinery park and supporting local projects. Our 3D printing machines are working now, so we have already supplied a few hospitals in Poland.

Doctors and nurses can now wear protective gear and safely treat their patients with coronavirus. The face shields are in high demand for those in desperate need of protection. So far, we have managed to deliver 150 face shields to frontline healthcare workers. 


How can you help with the COVID-19 epidemic? 

Do You Have a 3D Printer?

You can use in-house 3D printing capabilities to make components for personal protective equipment.

Donate us

Make a donation to buy additional 3D printing material to increase the production of critical parts.

Share the information

Contribute to the efforts to combat coronavirus, and help us to get to as many people as possible.


Be a part of it!

There is a lack of materials that is necessary to print medical equipment. With this in mind, we decided to turn this charity and ask people to support our idea. We have never seen collaboration across the globe like now, in this tough time, so we hope that together we can help more. 

We need YOU to support us in medical equipment production to support COVID patients anywhere in the world.



Face shields

These safety face shields are helpful to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from liquid sprays and saliva.

Splitter for ventilators

Made to support multiple patients so that one machine could be used for two or even more people.

Face mask adapter

Made by adjusting a snorkeling mask already available on the market to the construction of an emergency ventilator mask to fix the shortage of hospital masks for sub-intensive therapy


Who supported us

Successful Collaborations




About Cervi Robotics

Cervi Robotics is the company focus on robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, advanced drone solutions, and the Internet of Things. Cervi is listed in the TOP10 UAV companies worth following and TOP30 World Startups, according to InfoShare. The company is the laureate of numerous competitions, including the Imagine Cup and Dragon's Den. Vadym Melnyk, CEO Cervi Robotics, is the prizewinner of the prestigious Forbes "25 under 25" ranking.

The company specializes in the following fields: automation and robotics, UAVs, mechanics and mechanical engineering, algorithms for robot automation, machine learning, and the Internet of Things. 


Contact Us

Get in touch with Cervi Covid Challenge to discover more about our work and how to donate. We thank you for your support.


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